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Physicality & Rejuvenation

 Green Mountain trails


Mountain biking 




OCR Training


Wilderness skills/ crafts


Medical training/ orienteering 


river tubing/ kayaking












Physicality is core to the Puddy’s experience. Built on the misty mountain of Spartan Race World HQ , a paradise replete with one of the country’s most well manicured mountain bike trails and decorated with obstacles of all varieties- it is an OCR oasis.


Some of the world’s top ultra-endurance athletes are out running the trails every morning and waiting to train you!



We have TACTIVATE experts that can get you, your family or team up to speed on resiliency skills that will build confidence into every facet of life- from business to relationships. Lifelong skills while having an experience of a lifetime.


Enjoy the pristine wilderness, the unique workouts and activities, sunrise and sunset outdoor yoga followed by a rejuvenating massage to the melodious bird songs lulling you to sleep...  



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